Caroline Brakewell

Caroline Brakewell


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The Brand Plan

Caroline is diving into business as a health and wellness coach to busy mums and overworked corporates.

She needed a simple and streamlined website that conveyed what she did and reflected her warm, gentle and nourishing approach her clients' health and wellness.  

Tracey was instrumental in getting my business off the ground. She understood what I needed to deliver - an intuitive website that makes it easy for clients to do business with me - and found the best and most cost-effective solution for me as a start-up.

She took away the pain, managed the build, delivery and relationship in an exceptional way. She made things make sense, in a non-jargony or over-technical way.

The result is a beautiful website that I'm now confidently managing on my own. Tracey's easygoing nature and professional approach makes her an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to move from mediocre to magnificent. 

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