Mighty Minimalist Theme

A one-page scrolling theme, perfect for coaches, consultants and service providers.


This theme boasts a full width hero image with a spot for your impactful mission statement and a call to action to drive traffic to wherever you choose (hint: your list-building freebie is a great option for this).

All of the site’s main content is contained within a one page scroll with options to dig deeper into separate "services", "about" and "blog" pages. This theme also comes with a cover page which you can direct people to, or use as a home page for extra traffic. 

Key elements

  • A full width banner with a mission statement and call to action.
  • A short introduction section.
  • Action Stations: 3 x full-width hover-over calls to action: these help direct your visitors to certain areas of the site - the default destination URL for these is to:
    • your blog
    • your services page
    • your extended about page.
  • A scrolling written testimonials section.
  • A “featured blog” section: the default is set to 6 blog posts, but you can change these to more or less (in numerals of three).
  • A contact form.
  • An embedded Instagram grid with a link to your Instagram page.
  • Social Media icons in the footer.

Additional Pages

  • A blog
  • A Cover page - this cover page is set up to capture leads in exchange for a freebie from you.
  • A Services page - a simple page detailing how people can work with you.
  • An About page - a place where you detail more information about you.

+ Wow factor

  • Specific typography and font hierarchy chosen to convey a sophisticated and clean look.
  • Linked up to your Mailchimp email service provider.
  • Social media integration.
  • Google friendly features like inbuilt site map and SSL.


See it in action