So you've made it to this page huh?! Nice to meet you. Our own stories are the hardest to tell, don't you think?

I'll give it a go.

In no particular order...and a little bit randomly...

I am Zimbabwe born and bred (that definitely came first). 

Moved to Australia after studying Marketing and Business at the University of South Alabama (Go Jags).

I played tennis for Zimbabwe from age 12. It led me to travel all over the world. Officially bitten by the travel bug!

Did the 9 to 5 in cubicle nation for about 15 years. Then I took a leap to create my own version of a desk job. I love it and it is certainly a wild and crazy ride. 

I believe the world needs more creative entrepreneurs.

It's in this space that magic happens.

People are inspired and dreams come TRUE.

The world is changed for the better.

My mission is to help those bold souls

bring their vision to life

through beautiful branding, one pixel at a time. 



Met and married the love of my life in 2012 -  a Northern Territorian born and bred Aussie. I never wanted to get married till I met him.

He's super handy and I am forever thankful for his kindness and continued willingness to support every crazy DIY project I want to tackle. It usually goes something like, "Babe, I'd really love to make this thing. It could be really cool and we could hang it here and maybe even sell a few!" We often make one (mostly he makes and I direct). Oh and did I mention he's an aerobatic pilot - he spins me right round baby, right round, literally!

We have a mutual love of travel. Most recently, we spent nine months traveling the USA together. Us, a truck, a tent and a general idea of where we wanted to go. 17,000+ miles later, I'm 100% convinced he's the bloke I want to journey with for ever!



I am a mother to a fur-baby called Wentworth (after Wentworth Miller). A large grey dog that has the softest ears and thinks he's a lap dog. He has my absolute heart and you're likely to meet him if we get to know each other a little better. He's a total chick magnet and is often lent to our single friends as a bit of a wingman!

He has a 100% conversion rate. 



Work and stuff

I have always loved design and if you ever ask me what I wish I had done in life, it would be to formally study fine arts. But I didn't. I learnt it the best way - by doing, experimenting, finding my own style. I am still, and always will be evolving and fine tuning this. It's part of the journey - for all of us. 

My career has always been in and around marketing, communications and branding. It's been varied and twisty and turny. I've worked in government, private sector, big and small companies, planned major events for National Sporting bodies (and my wedding - that totally counts), freelance consulted, worked in the tech start up scene. 

I am a tech geek and systems nerd and so you get way more than just design when you work with me. I love coming up with catchy tag lines too.



Wine (specifically a great New Zealand Sav Blanc) and a good coffee are my weaknesses.

I could never choose between cheese or chocolate so don't ever ask me to.

I am terrified of injections but sat through an 8 hour tattoo session. Go figure.

I have a bit of a thing of taking pictures of my feet (and this was way before the #ihavethisthingwithfloors hit the Iggy scene...don't ask).


Pineapples are the best looking fruit! Something about their spiky tops and their tropical vibe. 

I think the best place to find inspiration is on a hike in the mountains. Nature is cocaine for the soul - it's the ultimate high!

I love the ocean, but am terrified of it. I was one of those kids that thought sharks lurked in the deep end of the swimming pool.


Out there in the universe

Renovate a bunch of vintage trailers and set up a creative commune in the wild somewhere. 

More tattoos. Sorry mum!

Learn how to spin a pottery wheel.

We live in Colorado now. Who knows for how long or where the next adventure will be. I feel like South America would be an amazing place to live. Or maybe Cape Town!

More doing of things that I LOVE. It's the only way to be baby!