Customisable desktop planners

Here they are. Three Beautiful desktop wall papers that have been designed for you to be able to customise with your own content and then uploaded as desktop wallpapers to serve as a daily reminder.

When I was creating these are was lusting for the tropical vibes of Australia. As the southern hemisphere starts to warm up, and we get ready for winter here in the north, these will give you a daily reminder of "Endless Summer Vibes".

The content

When I was thinking about the content of these, I wanted to include a range of focus areas - life is about more than just work:

  1. The Top 5 things we need to get done this week.
  2. A place to schedule in a fun activity daily.
  3. Words to live by - this could be setting an intention for the week or your favorite mantra.
  4. A weekly view of important things happening.
  5. A clean up my desktop space - at the end of the week, file those away and get ready for the new week with a clean slate.

Have some fun with DIY design

I have created these as templates that you can fill out and customise yourself. If you are a Photoshop or Indesign whiz, you can do it in there as added layers.

If you are a design novice, I've created a quick explainer video about how to fill these in using Canva. Click on the button below to see how it's done. The basic steps are:

  1. Download your desktop.
  2. Open up Canva and create a custom design using the specs (1920 x 1080px for bigger desktop screens) or (1440 x 900px for laptops).
  3. Upload your template into Canva.
  4. Customise it with your own content.
  5. Download your finished file.
  6. Save it as a desktop image in your computer's system preferences.

The Designs

The PAlm

Download the files below and be whisked away to a tropical beach.

The Wave

Download the files below and stare out into the wild ocean.

The Bougainvillea

Download the files below and let the happy pink "bougies" brighten your day.