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Tracey really was a joy to work with. From the moment I described what I wanted my ideal client to experience, it was clear that Tracey didn’t just understand, but had a vision for what my site could be. She created a mood board for my brand that I think surpassed my own in containing all of the things I was looking for. She came up with an amazing color palette, spot on logo, and font samples that really captured what I was trying to convey to my audience. It was easy to get a mock up site done quickly because Tracey pulled photos form my social media accounts to act as place holders (genius!) Tracey is warm, extremely talented , and an excellent communicator. I now know that my site is more beautiful and intriguing than I ever hoped it would be!!
— Lauren Newton

After finalising Lauren's brand, we moved on to creating a website that captured the same essence. A scientific, naturalist inspired website. 

I am so thrilled with the outcome. Using images of her jewelry from her Instagram account, combined with beautiful hero images that reflected the inspiration for each piece within vintage polaroids and scientific script, we created a site that captured the essence of her brand.


Site Design

The site was designed on Squarespace's Supply template.

A nod to the elements within the periodic table is subtly reflected throughout the site.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.40.53 AM.png

Nature and scientific discovery inspire the creation of Lauren's designs. 

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