Gidi & Pearls: Logo and Brand

This post has been a long time coming. I am catching up on sharing some of the recent branding and design projects I've been working on.  

Gidi & Pearls: Logo and Brand Project

Gidi & Pearls is a Nigerian-American lifestyle blog owned and curated by Bisola Daramola.

It celebrates femininity, spirituality and cultural identity, delivering content that educates and inspires cross culturally.

With future visions to bring these messages into a stationary line, and lifestyle brand, Gidi & Pearls is an avenue to spread Bisola’s passions and pursuits.

It was a joy working with Tracey! I really appreciated her ability to capture my design aesthetic in a succinct and refined way. She understood the image I wanted to portray for my brand and designed creative options that was unique to it. I have worked with other designers that didn’t get my vision, but she caught on very early and ran with it. I am very pleased with her work and the outcome of my brand design.
— Bisola Daramola, Gidi & Pearls

The Brand

The Gidi & Pearls brand is inspired by a mood board that is sophisticated and elegant.

The primary brand personality is “Romantic”. The secondary personality is “Modern/Classic”.

Combining these elements, we created a brand that encapsulated the following: Elegant // Feminine // Powerful //

First Concepts

We were very quickly settled on a font that combines a beautiful script and serif font within the same family. 


The final Brand