B Story Brand

You know the saying...."there are always two sides to every story." 

Well the same can be said for brands and that's where B Story comes in!

B Story is the new baby of Brooklyn-based copywriter, Bethaney and focuses on telling the other side of the brand - its story in words!

The concept for this brand focused on exactly that - two sides of brand - the graphics and the story - both as important as each other in telling your authentic brand story.



"Working with Tracey has been, bar none, the best thing I could have done for my brand and my own personal confidence. Her design work is impeccable, but what impressed me most, was how easy she was to work with. To a person who feels extremely uncomfortable in the graphics department, Tracey was a breath of fresh air. She was clear, personable, and helpful. And, when I received the design for BStory, I felt she had reached into my head, and shown me my own thoughts! I can't thank her enough, and would suggest her to anyone looking for design work"


An Empowered Brand

I also worked with Bethaney to come up with a template for her brand imagery. This was important so she could apply her brand to any future collateral without needing to go to a designer to do it.

Weaving the + symbol to draw together the images, they focus on duality of this brand's message. In the examples below for her About page, we contrasted the femininity and fun of Bethaney's profile shot (taken in NYC), with grittier, recognisable street shots of New York City!