Agency Window: Brand, Website, Copy, Systems + Start-up Strategy


Agency Window is a new software program that's set to revolutionise the way real estate agencies display their properties.

For this project, I worked with the client on the full scope of developing a brand, website, name, tagline and copy, launch strategy as well as their internal client support and onboarding processes. To say this project hit me smack bang in my sweet spot of tech, systems, copy and design is an understatement.

The Strategic Approach to launching a new software biz

Anytime you are developing software that has never been seen in before in a market, there is a big job in educating your prospective clients on how they may even use the software in their own business. Once you get a few clients on board, you can bring in testimonials, people in the industry tend to "look over" their neighbour's fence and see what they're doing, people change companies and take systems with them etc etc. I experienced this when working in software at EngagementHQ a few years ago, and with Agency Window, it was no different. 

So when it came to marketing and launching this brand, we had to tread carefully with the amount of information we provided - a balance between enough to educate, but not too much as to overwhelm. We also had to make sure the technical jargon stayed out of any of the copy.

Incorporating FAQs

An important element in helping people understand a new product was to includeFAQ's on the site. After several sales conversations with prospective clients, we identified a series of commonly asked questions and used these to start the section.

With a little custom CSS coding, we created an accordion style FAQ section on the site. This way we can keep the section less overwhelming as it gets longer. In the longer term, we may edit this section to include sub sections of FAQs.


Using video

One of the things we decided to do was to create a short two minute explainer video. For a couple of reasons.

  1. This video is a tool to quickly convey the basic gist of the software through a storytelling style approach.
  2. It also serves to support the fact that video is highly watched and huge for conversion. 
64% - That’s how much more likely website visitors are to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video. In addition, visitors who view videos stay on the site an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos, comScore says.
— comScore

The Brand Approach

For the branding, we wanted to create something that was fresh and fun. And while it is "technically", a tech product, we didn't want it to be too techy! Any inkling of corporate blue and grey was not an option. The real estate industry in Australia is fresh and fast paced so we wanted to stay in that lane!

In addition to the modern, clean logo incorporating a subtle nod to a screen in the Window's "O", we developed a suit of icons to help quickly convey all the functionality of the software. We also had some fun with the business cards, both with the copy, as well as using a series of different cards rotating the fun brand colours.

The Website Build

We decided to launch the site on a simple one-page scrolling style site. Built on Squarespace, the website aims to do two things:

  1. Introduce and provide information about the new product.
  2. Get prospective clients to schedule a free demo of the software to learn more. 

We used a fresh, airy, modern image in the header, which allowed for text to be displayed over it. Other elements included a testimonial for social proof (more to come when the software builds its client base), and the logos of all the CRMs that the software integrates with.

By visually displaying those logos, we are providing clients with an immediately recognisable and familiar product that they use every day. 

Finally we linked the "Request a Demo" buttons to a scheduling app that make it easy for both the prospective clients and Agency Window schedule a convenient time. 

All in all, I am super stoked about how this project turned out. Check out the Agency Window website here