AMAZEMA brand homebase

Hey Amy and Jean

Welcome to your brand homebase. Here is a spot where I like to visually display the branding process and store all the links and files for your new brand and website. It's a place we can review concepts and see it come to life.

I've outlined the steps we take below - they go in a sequence and will be specific to your project.  

House rules

While it's very tempting to go straight to the fun part of creating mood boards, please do these in order and in the timeframe we discuss throughout our working together.

Lore Ipsum this is a text quote

Your Homewerk, werk werk werk werk werk

To kick off your project, I'm gonna need some stuff from you. First up:

  1. Creative Brand and Discovery Session - for all things brand

Here is a link to both this homework. Please complete it as soon as possible.


Pin it like it's hot!

Now the fun really begins and we can begin to visually bring your brand vibe to life via the magic of Pinterest.

Depending on how we go in the first phase, we may come up with more than one Pinterest Mood Board to reflect different brand options around "personality", "concepts" and "themes".

I generally do this in secret Boards within my own Pinterest account and share them with you so you can collaborate in the process. I'll share the links to these boards here.

The first step is to follow each other on Pinterest so we can both collaborate on secret boards.

Your Boards


There are plenty of places to look for inspiration in design. Here are a few resources you can check out to start collecting a look and feel for your mood boards.

>> Your Fave brand crushes

>> Behance

>> Pinterest

>> Creative Market

Pro tip: When you start pinning, think about a concept or theme for your board as it relates to your ideal client, what you like and your brand personality - e.g. "modern minimalist", "hippy luxe", "bold retro".  We have stated a fresh, modern and classic vibe, but feel free to explore a range of concepts and themes. 

Pin a range of images to reflect what appeals to you and supports your themes >> from patterns, logo designs, font styles, colour palettes and images.

Getting Moody

Once we start to refine your brand and come up with some concepts, they'll be loaded into this section for you to review. 

These initial brand boards will form the direction for ongoing brand development.

Brand + Style Guide

This is where we will present the first logo and style guide concepts, including font selections, color palettes and image direction.